Privacy Policy


Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC is committed to providing transparency with respect to its practices in handling personal information. To that end, this Privacy Policy is intended to establish responsible and transparent practices for the management of personal information and to satisfy the requirements of rules established by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as other applicable provincial privacy laws and standards which may apply.



We value our relationship and your privacy is important to Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. The purpose of this policy is to advise what personal information we collect about our customers, how we utilize this information, our disclosure practices, how long we retain the information, and how customers may request access to their personal information or obtain more information about Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. privacy policy. To review this policy, please visit our website at and go to the ‘Contact Us‘ tab and click on ‘Privacy Policy‘.


Personal information means any information about you except your name, business title, business address, business e-mail address, business telephone number or business facsimile number. It also does not include your home address and telephone number if these are published in a telephone or other directory.
While we have always respected our customer’s privacy and safeguarded their personal information, we have strengthened our commitment to protecting personal information as a result of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Act (PIPEDA) and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).<
This Personal Information Protection Policy, in compliance with PIPEDA, outlines the principles and practices we will follow in protecting your personal information. Our privacy commitment includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal information and allowing you to request access to, and correction of, their personal information.


We are responsible for the personal information under our control and we have designated the Privacy Officer/President as the person who is responsible for our compliance with this policy and with privacy legislation. If you wish to contact the Privacy Officer/President, you can do one of the following:


When you do one of the following: purchase or lease a vehicle from us, or when you have us service or repair a vehicle, if you finance the purchase or lease of a vehicle through us, or purchase or lease other products or services from or through us, or if you participate in one of our surveys, contests, or promotions, or if you test drive one of our vehicles or contact our dealership staff, we may collect some or all of the following personal information:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • e-mail address and facsimile number
  • your occupation
  • information about your driving habits (such as preferred car size, colour, type of vehicle, kilometres driven annually, etc.)
  • information about your existing vehicle(s) and any trade-in details of your vehicle and its service history
  • your driver’s license number
  • the name of your insurance company and agent
  • your insurance policy number and details about your insurance coverage
  • similar information about other members of your family
  • your language preference
  • your date of birth and/or the date of birth of other members of your family
  • your social insurance number and/or the social insurance number of other members of your family
  • financial and credit information about you and/or other members of your family (specific information is set out in the application for credit forms)
  • the amount of your loan, interest and repayment schedule health information if you are applying for life, health, disability or accident insurance
  • the amount of any life, health, disability or accident insurance and details of that insurance

Provision of your Social Insurance Number is optional. However, you should be aware that most Credit Reporting Agencies reference the Social Insurance Number as a unique identifier to ensure valid identification when conducting credit reviews and preparing credit reports. If you do not wish to provide your Social Insurance Number, our ability to obtain a timely and accurate credit report may be affected.


Your personal information is used by us only for the purposes identified below and access to your personal information is limited to those employees of Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. who strictly need to have company business access to it.


Your personal information may be used by us to provide products and services to you such as: to obtain a license for your vehicle, to obtain a credit report if you are financing or leasing your vehicle, to obtain appropriate financing of your vehicle for you, to provide you with a reminder that your vehicle requires servicing and to provide you with updates and information regarding products and services that we have to offer and which we think will be of interest to you.


We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may share some or all of your personal information with third parties such as the manufacturer of your vehicle and its related companies, the providers of products or services relating to your vehicle, credit reporting agencies, financial institutions or financing companies, your insurance agent or company and companies which provide or insure warranties relating to your vehicle. We may also disclose your personal information where we are required or permitted by law to do so.  Consumer data shared via Facebook will not be shared with third parties but will be used exclusively by the dealer and/or manufacture to answer consumer inquires.


We retain your personal information as long as we believe that you are still the owner of the vehicle. If the information relates to the financing or lease of the vehicle, we retain personal information relating to the financing or lease arrangements as long as those arrangements are in place. If the information relates to the service or repair of your vehicle we retain the personal information for as long as is reasonably necessary to address any issues arising from the service or repair of the vehicle or as may be required by law. In other words, we will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, for legal or tax purposes, and to comply with applicable laws. Your consent to such purposes remains valid after termination of our relationship with you in order to comply with these requirements.


Most of the personal information which we collect is necessary for us to sell or lease you your vehicle, to provide products and services related to the vehicle, assist you in the financing or lease of your vehicle or to provide service to your vehicle and we cannot do this without that personal information. Similarly, we must disclose your personal information as described above in order to sell you the vehicle, to provide products and services related to the vehicle, assist you in arrangements for financing or leasing or to provide servicing to your vehicle. If you do not want us to use or disclose your personal information in a particular way, please contact the Privacy Officer/President as described above and we will be pleased to discuss with you how we can limit collection, use or disclosure of your personal information. Except as required or permitted by applicable law, we will respect your wishes relating to the use of your personal information and we will ensure that your file reflects the limitations that you have requested. Unless they are obvious, we will advise you of the consequences of withdrawing your consent. For example, if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you or continue to provide you with the services or information about products or services or related promotions that may be of value to you.


You have a right to access the personal information which we have about you and to request that personal information which you believe to be inaccurate be corrected. If you wish to access your personal information you should contact the Privacy Officer/President who will be pleased to assist you.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. please contact the Privacy Officer/President as set out at the beginning of this policy and we will try to address your concerns.


Use of this website signifies your acknowledgement and consent to this privacy policy. Please read this privacy policy carefully before using the website.

Our dealership takes your privacy seriously and is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. Because we gather certain types of personal information from visitors to this website (e.g. name, e-mail address, etc.), we have developed this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to help you understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of your personal information. This Privacy Policy discloses the types of personal information we gather, how it is used, and how you can gain access to and edit any data that we’ve collected about you at any time.

Guiding Principles

Our Privacy Policy has been developed using the following guiding principles:

Our dealership collects personal information online primarily to provide our visitors with a more relevant experience on this website. When doing so, we will make every reasonable effort to avoid excessive or irrelevant collection of data. Our dealership will take reasonable physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure any personal information you provide to us (e.g. data will be stored in protected databases on secured servers with restricted access). However, given that electronically submitted data is not 100% secure, we make no representations or warranties as to the security of any personal information you submit online, which you do at your own risk.

Sharing Personal Information with General Motors of Canada Company Limited

Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC will collect information about you and your vehicle during your visit at the dealership and will share this information with General Motors of Canada Company (“GM”) and its affiliates. This information will be collected, used and disclosed by Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC and GM in accordance with their respective privacy policies, copies of which can be found, for Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC on, and for GM, at, including information about your options for how Disbrowe Chevrolet Buick GMC and GM collect, use and disclose your personal information.